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          I enjoy popcorn. No, actually, I love popcorn. When I was a child, our family popped popcorn using a very old metal electric popper from the 1930’s or 1940’s. It was wonderful. It was a silver pot with blue wooden legs, an orange, metal top with a crank in the middle of it, and an old-fashioned cloth insulated electrical cord. To pop the popcorn, you had to pour in some oil, add the popcorn and plug it into an electrical outlet. Then the fun began. As the oil began to sizzle, I would slowly turn the crank and wait for the popping to start. If all went well, we would succeed in producing some really great popcorn to which we would add generous amounts of butter and salt.
           In recent years, I’ve been eating microwave popcorn. It is a very poor and unsatisfying substitute for the popcorn of my childhood memories. A few weeks ago, I stopped eating it altogether because of concerns about the chemicals in it. How sad! Now there was an empty place in my life which had once been filled with the joy of real popcorn!
           This weekend, I decided to correct all this and went to Wal-Mart to purchase a “hot air popper”. Now my life is complete! Fresh hot popcorn with real butter (a bit less than before!), and real salt ( a lot less than before!) is now back in my life! I am a happy man again!
           Our faith can be like that too! Perhaps we had an active, lively walk with Christ as a young person. We were thrilled and delighted as we discovered for the first time the great truths of the faith. Joyfully, we embraced the awe and wonder of knowing a savior who loves us and forgives us.
           Then something terrible happened. For various reasons, we substituted a convenient, “microwave” version of faith. It’s quick and easy, but ultimately empty, hollow, unhealthy and unsatisfying. It’s nothing like the “real thing” we knew as young people. The joy, wonder, excitement and awe were gone and faith turned into a habit or a dull, dry obligation.
           Finally, we gave up altogether and felt no better. We missed what we once knew and wanted it back. The good news here is that we can have it back! The joy, wonder, excitement and awe can be ours again! Our faith can be the “real thing” once more. But it costs us!
           A genuine relationship with God through Christ cannot be attained on our terms for our convenience. Like making popcorn the “old-fashioned” way, it takes time, care, effort and quality ingredients to produce a faith worth having. Give it a try! You won’t be disappointed.

I’ll see you in church Sunday! ~ Ed

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Ed Temple

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