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          “Rise up, ye Saints of God! The church for you doth wait, her strength unequal to her task; rise up and make her great!” UMH 576, verse 3

           We sang this hymn yesterday as a part or our Laity Sunday service. The words of this hymn, together with the challenging words of our lay leaders, reminded us that the role of the laity (that’s all of you, by the way) is central and crucial. These words from the third verse of the hymn really make the point. The truth is that the strength of the church is unequal to the magnitude of her task, unless we rise up and make her great.
           As we enter our Fall Season of Stewardship and commitment, I want to call upon all of us to take a close look at how we’re supporting the church. In our membership vows we promise before Almighty God to support the church with our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness. Sadly, I feel I must report that we aren't doing very well in those areas. We are running about $69,000 behind on a regular basis. Likewise, there is room for much improvement in the area of “presence”, as our Sunday attendance numbers are not where they should be for a great church like ours. Indeed, for many decades, our congregation has been a source of strength and inspiration for our community and annual conference. We must continue to rise up and demonstrate our love and devotion for Christ through our attendance in Sunday school and worship.
           My plea to us all can be found in verses 1 and 4 of “Rise up, Ye Saints of God”, “Have done with lesser things. Give heart and mind and soul and strength to serve the King of Kings. Lift high the cross of Christ. Tread where His feet have trod. As brothers (and sisters) of the Son of Man, rise up, ye saints of God!”

I’ll see you in church Sunday!


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