Wonderful Wednesday’s
BIG Children’s Spring Musical!
Beginning January 9

Wednesdays after school:
January-April 2019

Not “fake news” but FAITH NEWS!

Make sure your k-5th graders join us!

Lots of parts, lots of action! From meteorologists to basketball dribblers, from Mrs. Noah to King Herod, there’s something for everyone as we bring the Bible to life in this great kids’ musical!

For more information, call
Marni McKenzie (662 561 2481) or Marsha Wren (662 934 0731)

What does God want to do in and through and for me in 2019?

What does God want to do in and through and for our church in 2019?

Let’s ask Him together this month
so we can discuss and implement His ideas!

  • Sign up for daily emailed/texted devotionals to focus your thoughts and prayers.
  • Schedule time to come to the PRAYER ROOM, open daily in the Activities Building for personal or small group prayer.
  • Join the group at 7 A.M. for an hour in the Prayer Room on Saturdays in January for praying and sharing.
  • Lead your family or co-workers in 19 days of prayer for God’s direction for their lives and our mission as we begin 2019 together.