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June 15, 2016

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend.  At the Temple home, we enjoyed a very pleasant time of rest and reflection.  Edee and William gave me moving and meaningful Father’s Day cards, and William presented me with a new digital bathroom scale.  Needless to say, I was delighted and grateful for these thoughtful expressions of love and remembrance.  The scale was a particularly useful gift.   I had been wanting one for a long time.  You see, the old mechanical scale was imprecise and difficult to read.  Most mornings I had to sort of guess at my weight and hope that I was within two or three pounds of what it actually was.  However, this new scale tells me exactly where I stand within less that a tenth of a pound.  This is much more helpful as I evaluate my health and fitness and determine what I need to do.

Just as an electronic digital scale is a precise and useful tool in the important work of fitness and health maintenance, there are tools we shouldn’t overlook in other aspects of our wellness.  Beyond the physical, we are spiritual beings. As we need food and exercise to build and maintain strong bodies, we need worship, fellowship, Sunday School, prayer, Bible study and service to sustain us spiritually.  How are we doing in those critical areas of life?  Perhaps we don’t know the answer to that question.  If that is the case, we need a spiritual monitor, or scale, to use every day to check our spiritual health and wellness..  Why don’t we make a simple chart to track our worship and Sunday School attendance, prayer time, Bible study experiences, fellowship and service to others?  We track other kinds of progress in life.  Why not chart and track activity and progress in our spiritual growth and wellness?  I believe it’s important to pay close attention to this extremely important aspect of life.  Otherwise, it’s so easy to slip away from Christ and His Church, and fall into an existence which leads us away from abundant and eternal life.  What a tragedy that would be!  Pay attention and stay close to Christ and His people!

I’ll see you in church Sunday!


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Sunday, June 26

"Pentecost Revisited"
Acts 2:1-12
Ed Temple

Ed Temple

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